Thursday, February 28, 2008

My List- Part One

Since we have yet to receive specific "marching orders" from God, I thought maybe I could give Him a little help (ha!) with this description of the "perfect" place to live. :) It is likely that it does not exist... but what's wrong with a little dreaming? :) Here's my list of key features. :)

1. Four Seasons: preferably each season of approximately the same length and intensity. Not a lot of frigid cold or scorching heat. Minimal humidity, but I am willing to put up with some as a trade-in for the excessive amounts of snow and ice we currently live with. I'd like there to be some snow; just not as much or for as long. I would also like there to be a good deal more sun than we currently see here in the Land of One Million Clouds.

2. Pretty: while I have found in my experience living in multiple different places that almost any place can be truly pretty, there are some things I find especially lovely and as I design our new home, I'd like to incorporate some of them.
-Trees: preferably aspen trees, my favorites. I also love the tall, stately, huge deciduous trees that change beautiful colors in the fall.
-Mountains: there is a great love for the majesty and beauty of the mountains, no doubt instilled by my parents and our frequent trips to the Rockies when I was a kid. I would absolutely love to live somewhere where we could just pick up and go take a hike as a family, or go camping, or just escape into a world where something bigger than us surrounds us. I'd be satisfied if mountains were driving distance away- they don't have to be in our back yard.
-Water: something about living in Michigan, especially West Michigan, has made me really come to appreciate the beauty of a large body of water- and also the fun to be had in various types of water sports. It'd be great fun to own a Jet Ski or something and be able to get out there and zoom around the water. If the water happened to be the ocean, so much the better! I have always held a great fascination for the motion and power of the waves and the seemingly endless possibilities of the seashore. I'd love to live somewhere where the music of the ocean could be part of our life.

3. Reasonably close to civilization: I like to get out and "do stuff" so I'd like to live relatively close to a larger city with interesting things to do- no further than we live from Chicago now- and I think ideally a little closer- maybe within 2 hours.

4. Reasonably far from city dwelling: While we liked the wide variety of things to do and places to eat in Phoenix, we did not like the traffic, the smog, the "packed-in" feeling of living so close to so many other people. I'd like to live somewhere where I feel like I'm still in a smaller community- someplace with nice parks and open spaces where I can see the lovely things God made instead of just the things built by human effort and design.

5. Good Restaurants: some places we'd love to live nearby would include PF Chang (or its little brother Pei Wei), Cosi, Roy's, and Chick Fil A. One of our very favorite things about Phoenix was the wide variety of restaurants to choose from. We really enjoy getting out and trying new places and also going back to old favorites. :)

6. Shopping: some sort of outlet mall would be nice. I love getting a good deal- and I'm afraid I might be one of those really dreadful people with a twisted connection between the Visa card and the pleasure centers of the brain. I am sure I get a little jolt of dopamine whenever I swipe my card for something I really wanted, and an extra dose if I've gotten a good deal! Unfortunately, the same does not hold true for when I'm paying bills. :(

Well, it's time to get our day started so I'd better wrap up for now. But this will be a regularly appearing post, because I have lots more ideas! Stay tuned!

Other contributors and commentators: What would be on your list?! What are some things I should add to mine? It's kind of fun to dream! :)


Ellen B. said...

with the exception of the proximity near chicago and a body of large water, your other descriptions sound like you'd love where i live in colorado springs! unfortunately, there are not a lot of medium sized towns in colorado, they are either larger or smaller, but colorado springs does offer beautiful areas in the city with open areas, especially up on the side of the mountains. :)

Kara said...

I still think of you every time I drive by a PeiWei (and there are a lot now!) and you pulling out that list of where PeiWei's were in Phoenix so we could eat there!