Thursday, February 21, 2008


That is my mother's Blogger name. If you read the comments to my last post, you will learn that she is "Transplant" for a very good reason- she has been uprooted and transplanted more times than are easily countable- as a kid and then also as part of our moving menagerie during my growing up years. And now she has lived for more than 10 years in the unlikeliest place imaginable when she considered her future years ago: the frozen cold North of Michigan (the rest of the family has never quite gotten over our move away from Texas)! So she is truly Transplanted.

And since this blog is likely to become a long-winded conversation between my mother and me (since no one else could possibly be truly interested enough to read about the minutia of my thought processes and will only be interested in large announcements which will certainly be made on our regular blog), I have decided to invite my mother to become a contributor on this blog.

I also figured I should invite my husband to contribute... as it is his future, too. :)

Looking forward to interesting conversations in the months to come. :)


Greta said...

I'm reading this, too. You, Mom, Brad, and me. :)

Michelle said...

ditto- mom isn't the only one interested in the process of where you might take my niece in a year and a half! ok, and we're interested in where you and brad go too :)